Our Story

"Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to our treatment philosophy is

the ability to see the same therapist for each visit that you attend." 


Upstate Physical Therapy was co-founded in 2004 and is owned by Jimmy Huff, PT and David Keese, PT. Both worked several years at the The Hughston Sports Medicine Hospital and Hughston Clinic in Columbus, Georgia.  As one of the top orthopedic facilities in the world, Jimmy and David worked hand in hand with some of the best doctors and therapists within the orthopedic community.  It was at the Hughston Clinic where they developed a specialty that is unrivaled in the Anderson area for working with patients following orthopedic procedures.

While many physical therapy clinics provide care to all types of patients, Upstate Physical Therapy specializes in orthopedic rehabilitation.  If you've had an orthopedic surgery or are trying to avoid an orthopedic surgery, Upstate Physical Therapy provides the most specialized environment to maximize your potential for a successful outcome.  

Upstate Physical Therapy is unique in this healthcare environment in that it is not owned by any physician group or hospital. We are able to provide individual patient care where every patient is treated with the compassion, respect and quality of care that they deserve but is so rare in today's healthcare environment.  Because of our independence, we not only are able to provide the best care available to patients with orthopedic injuries, but also the most cost effective care.  In a national study of private practice clinics, Upstate Physical Therapy took care of our patients cheaper than 98% of other clinics.  So not only do you receive the best care, but you also save money as we bill less per patient than most of our competitors.  

You may have heard that "physical therapy" means "pain and torture."  But we work hard to create an environment that is both fun and enjoyable!  We strongly believe that most patients make the most physical improvements when pain is minimized.  We do not believe in being overly aggressive in "pushing" patients to make them move better.  Instead, we work hard to educate the patient in their role in their recovery and we work alongside them to more comfortably and more successfully achieve the goals that the patient, doctor and therapist have.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages to our treatment philosophy is the ability to see the same therapist for each visit that you attend.  Most physical therapy clinics use a high percentage of Physical Therapist Assistants.  One of the biggest complaints we have from patients who have received care from another facility is that their therapist never spent any time with them and they saw a different therapist each visit.  Because we employ almost all licensed Physical Therapists, you are able to see the same therapist each visit.  This leads to better care for our patients.  We also block off 1-on-1 time for each of our patients meaning that you get individual time with your therapist without feeling that your therapist is working with 2-3 other patients.   

In 2010, we moved into our permanent facility.  We eliminated everything that we disliked about traditional therapy clinics and tried to include everything that we (and our patients) would appreciate!  We have tons of window space overlooking a hardwood forest.  Jimmy keeps bird feeders full so our patients can enjoy the birds as they receive their treatments.  We have comfortable equipment as well as private rooms for treatments where more solitude is needed or requested.

Please come by and visit our facility if you have an orthopedic injury or are recovering from an orthopedic surgery.  We welcome you to tour our facility or ask to speak with one of our therapists who can give you an idea of what to expect if you chose Upstate Physical Therapy to meet your rehabilitation needs.