"My doctor knew what he was doing when he sent me to Upstate Physical Therapy.  David really went the extra mile from start to finish.  He knew exactly what to do to keep me motivated and I was blessed to be his patient.  My shoulder feels so good and as each day passes it gets stronger.  Not only is David an excellent therapist, he is also a very caring and thoughtful Christian man!  I thank him from the bottom of my heart and I wish all those at Upstate PT continued success with their business.  It is important for me to express how pleasant EVERYONE in the office was.  The ladies in the front office worked so diligently with their patients and did everything they could to make my appointments convenient for my schedule.  They are the perfect representation of your business as the first and last people that patients see.  My husband Bill and I thank you for taking so much time to teach him how to help me with my therapy at home.  We did what you asked of us and it really did make my rehab both comfortable and successful.  Thank you and if I ever need therapy again, I will be back."

Elizabeth - Reverse Total Shoulder

"Instead of me dreading to come to therapy, I looked forward to coming!  Truthfully, I can say it was not painful as some had told me to expect.  God used you and your staff as you cared for me.  Thank you for using your practice as a ministry to me and your patients!"

Betty - Total Knee Replacement

"I was told by my doctor that because of the extent of my injury, that my shoulder replacement would get me out of pain but not to expect to regain much use of my arm.  I did everything at home that Jimmy taught me and not only is my arthritis pain gone, I have better use of my arm now than before my surgery!  I am thankful to have exceeded my doctor's expectations and I couldn't have done it without you!"

Virginia - Total Shoulder Replacement

"I had my knee replaced and had therapy in the hospital and with home health.  When I went back to my doctor for my 6 week follow-up, he said I was significantly behind.  I was frustrated and in a lot of pain.  He sent me to Upstate Physical Therapy and told me that Jimmy and David were great at educating the patient in how to help themselves get better and would give very thorough treatments.  

At my first visit, I could tell a huge difference.  Instead of having a therapist push my knee back to get it to bend, David taught me how to bend my knee myself.  He taught me how to gently push it and explained that doing this on my own every 3-4 hours during the day would help me accomplish all of my goals.  His confidence gave me confidence and trust.  I did everything that he asked of me and went from being behind schedule to having one of the best outcomes my doctor had seen!"

Bill - Total Knee Replacement